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Monday - Sep 25, 2017

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Inspiration for my work comes from things both internal and external. I rarely explore vast landscapes but often choose my subject matter through intimate character studies. Before I begin a piece, I take several minutes to relax and simply be with my subject. Whatever emotional response that evokes for me determines how I might fill the page. Whether I reach for my pastels or paint, I find that I am continuously drawn to both color and curves. Color is paramount in my work because of its vibrancy and expressive energy. Curves not only define the human figure, but create negative space and move the viewer's eye around the painting.

My current body of work represents an imaginary world created with form, color, and thought provoking imagery. Some of my paintings are whimsical while others are more satirical, but all seek to engage the viewer. I believe that the use of complimentary color both enriches and enlivens much of my subject matter. There is a clear definition of expressive energy, as well as a response to simplicity of form, that defines my unique style. I use my own photographs, which I then manipulate on the computer, in order to transform my images into lively creations filled with whimsy and wonder. They transcend the boundary of realism and bring the viewer into an original place.

My goal is to produce work that has its own unique identity and is rich in color. As I continue to grow and develop, I realize that each new painting brings with it more knowledge. Even though I am only one in a million artists in this world, I consider it an enormous privilege. Because of this privilege, I will continue to pursue my art with great intensity, enthusiasm and passion.

Cindy-lee Fedeli

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